The game
is my personal remake of the classic xcom ufo defense, xcom apocalipse and the
non released xcom alliance but instead of a futuristic setting, the whole
premise of the game is a hybrid between the past and the present, where the sci
elements are more pointed to the invasion of the body snatchers ( therefore the
title homage also ) and the thing from john carpenter mixed with some
lovecraftian elements. The plot baseline is that the ecosystem of the human
player is beeing invaded by stealth by an unknown force, that the gameplay will
reveal, each level adding one more piece of the puzzle, until the final
revelation. Gameplay wise, its a two player multiplayer game, where the
cityscape and battlescape provide two layers of strategy, one beeing covert and
the other overt. In the cityscape each player can feel the city becoming alive,
where day and night reveal the routines of its citizens, where the strategy of
assimilation and counter assimilation is plotted. in the battlescape both
players confront themselves in a squad tactical turn based strategy where
victory will grant rewards to be applyed on the first strategic layer, the macro
view of the game.Id like to point out that the present demo, is a showcase of
the atmosphere that the game aims to portrait, its one of the terror missions
map, therefore the strategy part is not yet present.